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EV Traction Dry Cell Battery Technology - Innovative Power Solutions

Discover Energy Corp. is a powerful force in the design, manufacture and distribution of clean and green batteries and energy storage solutions for a wide range of applications worldwide. Combining industry experience, innovative product development and knowledge-based services, Discover has set the standard for dependable and maintenance-free, Advanced Dry Cell power blocks.

As the market leader in battery solutions, Discover® Standard AGM, EV Traction Dry Cell, EV700 Series and D Series Deep Cycle batteries provide proven and tested technological and business advantages over other batteries and manufacturers. Our products are maintenance-free, environmentally sustainable and provide exceptional performance and reliability with consistent power delivery.

We meet the market demand for more power within lower economic and environmental footprints.

We are committed to developing industry leading energy products and being the "go-to" company for green solutions in the EV Traction Deep Cycle Battery industry. Discover has exact Dry Cell Replacements for traditional flooded lead-acid battery technology. Without modifying your battery compartment or performance, use our Clean & Green® solution to improve your environmental footprint. We invite you to join the Clean & Green® movement by using one of our existing products or allowing us to design something specifically for you. Read our Clean & Green Statement to learn more.

Our batteries meet international engineering and safety standards and are recognized as one of the industry's leaders in innovative storage solutions. Discover products are designed in accordance with and published in compliance with applicable BCI, IEC and BS EN standards including:

Discover and its facilities and products are certified to multiple standards including:

Discover Energy Corp. is a global brand, supported by Factory Warehouses worldwide and a network of Stored Energy Solutions professionals. Visit www.discover-energy.com to download product data sheets, brochures or to find a distributor near you.

Building excellence in every detail: