About Us

Mission Statement

Provide integrated services by representing and distributing products in a global scale, adding value to our customers and our supply partners, offering top quality products and full logistics services at competitive prices, and creating a work environment that promotes the development of our people and return to the shareholders.

Vision Statement:

By year 2022 we will have established a solid worldwide distribution network in more than 35 countries by developing loyal and reliable long-term relationships with our customers. Focused on continuing to achieve and fulfill all goals and expectations of our supply-partners, associates, and shareholders.

Corporate Values:


Power and Energy USA was founded in 2002 as an exclusive distributor of MAC batteries, a manufacturer based in Colombia.

During the first 3 years, we focused on selling products only to fleets in order to see the performance of the product in the US market and get feedbacks from the end users in order to improve the batteries.


In 2005 we launched a nationwide USA program that consists of batteries with and without brand. This program was specially designed for "Black Box" batteries which are batteries that have no label.


In 2008 we began working hand to hand with Superior Battery Manufacturing Company. SBM was looking to organize and increase their exports market; this is when we offered our knowledge about export and our expertise in logistics.

The first year working with SBM, we hit record sales one more time, mainly selling Superior Batteries in the Caribbean; especially in Dominican Republic.


In 2011, SBM also won a nationwide award Exporter of the Year by the Department of Commerce of USA.

We proudly keep working opening new markets, consolidating the ones that we already have and also growing our domestic influence in the state of Florida by serving our customers with professionalism and quality service.


In 2015, we began importing batteries manufactured by the largest battery manufacturer in Turkey, YIGIT AKU.

In 2015, we started developing the markets of the small Islands of the Caribbean for the LTH brand with JCI (Johnson Controls Mexico).


In 2018 Power and Energy became an authorized battery vendor of B.E.S.A (Battery Electrical Specialists Association), to supply their members with the batteries manufactured by Yigit Aku in Turkey.

2006 - 2007

In 2006 and 2007 we hit record sales and developed customers in Canada, Mexico, and some islands in the Caribbean. We assisted our customers in these areas by supplying their needs through our strategic location in Miami.

We also developed multiple relationships with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers and other manufacturers, supplying them with batteries that they were not producing.

Since the worldwide crisis affected our competitiveness, because the foreign currencies revaluated against the US Dollar making our products less attractive each day, we decided to focus on exporting to other countries were MAC was not selling their products.


In 2010, we created a Battery Exports Division, called Superior Logistics International (S.L.I.) in a joint venture with Superior Battery Manufacturing Company. Today we export between 25-30% of S B M total production and continue growing towards expanding into new markets.

This same year, SBM was honored with the Governor's Award for International Trade Excellence by the Kentucky World Trade Center, thanks to our hard work in developing our business into new countries.


In 2014, we began working with NorthStar Battery to develop their export market.


In 2016, we signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Yigit Aku to develop the USA and Canadian Markets with them.


We currently sell Yigit Aku Battery, Superlex Brand, Megavolt Brand, Discover Battery, and some customers’ private brands around the world; North, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, Australia, Middle East, and Asia.